With its central office in Amsterdam, TRINCO Healthcare is a network organisation, providing development & implementation solutions in healthcare and related areas. Together, we assist authorities, businesses and other organisations in their goal to contribute to the quality of care in their country or target market. Our mission is to support our clients in enhancing convenience, access and effectiveness for patients and citizens and for their organisation, the healthcare system and related areas.

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Sector & System Solutions


Health & Related Authorities

with a focus on policy, quality and financing

Insurance Companies & Other Sector Stakeholders

TRINCO Healthcare Sector and Systems Services

What are today’s challenges for governments, health insurance companies and other organisations acting at the Healthcare Sector & System level and related societal domains? And what challenges are you facing in this regard?
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Business & Organisation Solutions


Health Payment Authorities & Insurance companies

Investors and Hospital, Care & Service Providers

Medical & Life Science Suppliers & Distributors

TRINCO HealthcareBusiness and Organisation Services

Although regulatory and system issues can strongly influence the effectiveness and innovation power across a variety of healthcare domains, businesses and entrepreneurs inherently seek opportunities for growth and quality enhancement for their customers. … Read more

Community Solutions


Health & Related Authorities

Investors, Business Brands & Chains

with community & health centre interests

TRINCO Healthcare Comminuty Services

What are today’s challenges for populations living closely together due to socio-economic, cultural, lifestyle or practical factors? And what community challenges regarding healthcare and related areas are you facing in your country in the coming years?
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