The TRINCO Approach

Our approach is to connect, create, bridge, build and train, while applying our principles and living our mission. Working with the values and context of a particular country and market and within the goals of your organisation, we combine a stepwise and agile method and prefer working with local stakeholders, often having a midterm local presence to ensure continued investment benefits.

Depending on unique requirements of each individual client, assignments typically includes some of the following elements of development & implementation:

  1. Vision-, scenario-, goal setting-, policy & strategy development
  2. Developing attractiveness and urgency for development & change
  3. Creating synergy and process, interest & incentive alignment
  4. Practically connecting sector, business & community level challenges
  5. Building relevant conditions, coalitions and alliances
  6. Aligning the resources to the strategic challenges
  7. Straightforward implementation focussed on delivering results

Steps & Roles

Steps. Often clients prefer to outline their questions, views and challenges in a personal introductory or follow up meeting (initial consultation). From there we propose a customised approach on realizing the intended goals and targets. In general our approach can comprise three steps:

  1. Analysis & Planning: During this stage we work with clients to define exactly what is needed, what constraints and challenges exist, what people need to be involved and what specific approach, steps and roles may be needed to achieve the client’s goal.
  2. Execution & continuous upgrading: Depending on the type of challenge, some projects need very straightforward steps that are defined in detail (ticking boxes); others particularly need to be very open (facilitation) and many are in between. Also during the course of the process continuous improvements at any level (content and process) is important for success. In the initial stage we define the type of approach needed for this execution stage. During this stage evaluation is done in a continuous ‘upgrading process’ (instead of at the end only).
  3. Adoption & Next level: Our involvement is focussing on helping clients (from board to professional) to adopt new insights, approaches while realizing the external & internal targets set forth. The next level than can be reached more easily, given the continuously changing environment.

Roles. Depending on the client needs and given the chosen approach our associates can adopt various roles:

  • Program, project, interim managers & directors (from corporate to start-ups)
  • Vision & Leadership developers and Innovators &
  • Experts, advisors & evaluaters
  • Business developers, lobbyists
  • Strategic alliance builders, negotiators & mediators
  • Facilitators, liaisons, ambassadors
  • Turnaround & change agents (mergers, release, re-location)
  • Matchmakers (search & placement healthprofessionals).
  • Trainers & Educaters (teams, business methods & health knowledge)
  • Partners, co-investors