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A pharmaceutical company sought our advice on how to penetrate a new oversees market with its unique pharma proposition. For this company, with locations around the globe, we developed and launched a competitive patient monitoring system for drug-monitoring that took an integrated approach to the logistics of the stakeholders involved: from sampling, transport and testing to daily monitoring and optimisation of treatment schedules. They were able successfully penetrate the market with a safe treatment against a lower price.
“How can we realize a breakthrough strategy to realize and boost a downstream quality improvement in the healthcare hospital outpatient market?” We were asked by a healthcare insurance company to realize this strategy. As the central key-player we did so to the convenience of all stakeholders by building a leading coalition among healthcare insurance companies and suppliers in realizing a national TTP for outcome bench-marking. It was a politically sensitive matter as it was about the crown-jewel in innovating healthcare. The set-up of this TTP has strongly influenced the healthcare market and the way suppliers and buyers do business.
Given strong governmental budget pressure, we lead several organisational transitions of (mental) hospital suppliers, in markets where governmental budgets were decreasing and where companies were challenged to grow through improved quality/price ratio’s. We helped to refocus the strategy of these companies, redefining their portfolio in the view of their stakeholders, realizing new strategy for sales and stakeholder management, changing organisational structure and optimizing productivity of remaining production sites. We combined very practical and conceptual qualities and we addressed key elements of business transitions: jointly developing clear business goals and perspectives, repetitively explicating the urgency and successes, re-deploying human resources, skills training and performance management. We combine target orientation with roadmaps that have sufficient flexibility to reach the targets.
Several technology firms plan to roll out their medical device to different countries and markets. This B2B market requires intensive personal selling. With TRINCO’s business development experience and ability to act as a dedicated partner, we develop a wholesaler concept for efficiently targeting the market of ‘single complex product players’ and for saving expensive selling, decision-making & implementation time for healthcare suppliers being interested in these products.
A global corporation with a technological background and a consultancy division, has made the move towards ‘concept selling’ and asked us to realize the intended change to an ‘outside-in-approach’ to better fit the needs of their clients & prospects in the elderly care market. Their major question was: “How can we access the elderly care market, help them transform, bring organisational change and user-friendly technological solutions for the patients?”We developed and executed the market access strategy for them, targeting the market in an agile though structured manner. By consequence we helped them to better access this new market, serve their clients and boost their sales volume and margin.
Our client, a product supplier, faced reimbursement challenges when healthcare insurance companies didn’t recognise their niche yet. The healthcare company having tried for a long period to get individual cases reimbursed, often without success, TRINCO adopted a solution that redefined the client’s approach to the market. We realized a collective consumer group and convinced insurance companies of the advantages of a healthy target group. The result was a large collective reimbursement contract that gave the supplier access to new markets – a triple win-situation for the supplier, insurance company and the consumer.


We are hired for short and midterm cooperation with suppliers and investors in healthcare and related areas: Our clients, from global corporations to SMEs, include pharma, life science and technology suppliers, as well as healthcare investors and existing and developing facilities for somatic, elderly, mental, dental, specialists, GP or paramedic care. We also work with private, public or PPP-owned hospital clinics, care facilities and providers of outpatient care.

Solutions – Intro

TRINCO Business & Organisation Solutions assists clients in their goal of developing and implementing changes within an existing business or in the development of new business, alliances and market access strategies that increase their value. We work with clients not only to enhance market share and revenues, but also to improve quality, services and price ratios for end-users. Read more about the areas and modules at the right of this page.

We facilitate strategy, concept development and resource redeployment and assist or lead the implementation into practice. We do so through hands-on advisory and implementation, supported on request by several Apps & ICT toolings. We pride ourselves on our ability to act within complex economic, legal, political and sector specific environments, whilst building on the characteristics of the specific country or region at stake. Our primary aim is to contribute to the increase of convenience, access and efficacy of treatment and care.


Solution Areas

I. Specific App & ICT Health Proposition

  • Real-time consumer-based patient information
  • Working towards the specific needs of the consumer
  • Treatment protocol steps and reporting tools
  • E-HRM solutions, related to employee benefits, including health

These tools tailor-made to enhance communication with consumers and are based on relevance, privacy and required security levels.

II. Market, business development & market access

  • Integrative strategy and execution for NBD and market access
  • New business models and game-changing propositions
  • Effective registration and execution of reimbursement strategies
  • Corporate and marketing strategy based on multi-level innovations
  • Realising the integrative set up or roll out of (new) clinics/units
    • for hospital, outpatient and community care, including smart-travel-solutions
    • comprising transport and housing facilities
    • procurement of medical technology, medicines and disposables, as well as people placement and training
    • patient, treatment, safety, logistics, administrative and management processes
    • Led by (project) directors that help the clinics to become up and running.

III. Multi-party Cooperation

  • Strategic alliances, coalition building
  • Interest alignment and mediation of business approaches
  • Integration of scattered demand and supply
  • Optimisation and redefining of supply chains
  • Strategy, decision support and facilitation of M&A and PMI

IV. Corporate Development

HRM & Process optimisation

  • LEAN: Improving client focus, productivity and meaning
  • Conjoint analysis, development and/or adaptation of treatment programs
  • Reduction of cultural, managerial and process bottlenecks
  • Delivery of employee benefits schemes, including health
  • MI and KPI-strategy and implementation
  • Facilitation of workforce resettlement, decrease and renewal
  • Redefining HRM-strategy and leadership development

Strategy & Restructuring

  • Strategy and organisational change
  • Insourcing and outsourcing of support and other functions
  • Merging, separation and/or restructuring of units or divisions
  • Building of new facilities for health-delivery and production
V. Training & Placement

In the above mentioned areas we strengthen your team with short and mid-term experts (averaging two years) for direct project execution by project directors and managers, or advisory and facilitation in the fields mentioned. In addition we train existing staff and often conduct search and placement for the structural continuation of your team(s). Our Training and Placement solutions are as follows:

1. Training:

  • We work with the client to define the requirements for existing health and business teams and professionals
  • Having agreed the final program our team of experts who have at least 15 years’ experience in practice conduct training workshops
  • Training is designed for all hospital, mental, primary and elderly care segments and for managers, financials/actuaries and sales professionals
  • We deliver both content and capability training, the latter comprising:
    • (Cross) teamwork and creative bottleneck management
    • Integrative management and scenario analysis
    • Personal leadership and accountability

2. Placement:

Our search process is designed primarily for health professionals involved in hospital, mental, primary and elderly care) and comes with a guarantee of up to one year.  On request we also cater for other business professionals.  We work with clients to:

  • Define the requirement and profile, including (cultural) attitude and environmental criteria
  • Search and pre-select candidates
  • Select suitable candidates
  • Screen and contract candidates, providing solutions for all legal and practical matters