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Realising Facilities for Healthy & Prosperous Living

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Local initiatives often suffer the lack of experience, influence an keeping up with the newest knowledge and procedures. TRINCO’s expertise in chain building, branding, creating interesting consumerbases, is used to align the interests of local healthcare professionals, financing parties and patient groups with different income levels. With emerging and developing markets often experiencing lack of organisation, financing, cooperation and capacity, TRINCO brings across the ability to translate interests to different stakeholders, to align and to realized the steps needed to create breakthroughs. In addition we provide training for local professionals and apply our experience of combining scalability and local atmosphere of community centred initiatives.
TRINCO was approached with the challenge of supporting our client to match supply and demand for real estate providing private living and shared facilities for the elderly of one particular lifestyle group based on common values. Up to than this group was scattered geographically, so no steps were made to bring them together. Focusing on the interdependencies between investment risk and uncertain demand volume, we were able to bring together various stakeholders, including elderly prospects, investors, real-estate providers, architects/reconstruction firms, and healthcare providers. Our winning formula has led to a scalable concept based on lifestyle. And lifestyle has prooven to be of motivating connective power.


We work for governmental authorities (central, regional and local), as well as healthcare payment agencies, insurance companies and other organisations such as large businesses with a community focus, associations for professionals, patients and consumers, FDIs and NGOs. We work with governmental entities, organisations and companies that deliver specific services or products that stimulate healthy and happy communities. With access to our vast international network, our solutions are based on promoting health and social cohesion, business orientation and facilities with effective training and scalability.


Solutions – Intro

TRINCO Community Solutions focuses directly on specific projects, solutions and business initiatives that aim to promote healthy, entrepreneurial and social communities at a local and regional level. Read more about the areas below. We facilitate development of innovative health and living concepts for communities, and work to solve organisational, capacity and knowledge bottlenecks, with the aim of creating the necessary conditions to deliver strong implementation into practice.

We believe that at community level all daily aspects of life come together and we take an integrated approach to the execution of projects and programs that include well-defined parallel targets for health and other facilities. Whether in the area of health, education, housing and infrastructure, we work with our clients to combine the execution of projects with training in organisational tools, standards and insights. Our ultimate aim is to realise positive, effective and profitable local care, cooperation and living for citizens, patients, healthcare professionals and businesses.


Solution Areas

Community facilities, solutions & training

  • Flexible hospital and care unit functions
  • Integrated local healthcare centres
  • Alignment of central and local healthcare administration
  • Community health and business incubator rooms
  • Connecting local and regional business initiatives
  • Capacity building for local healthcare professionals
  • Training in organisational and change methods and other fields of expertise

Business & Organisation areas relevant to communities
Sector & System areas relevant to communities