Spaces 201 and 101 Spaces Zuidas Amsterdam

The TRINCO Company

With its central office in Amsterdam, TRINCO Healthcare is a network organisation, providing development and implementation solutions for businesses, authorities and other players in healthcare and related areas. As a network organisation we combine long-standing experience throughout the healthcare sector and beyond.

Together we assist (central and regional) authorities, businesses and other organisations in their goal to contribute to the quality and effectiveness of care in their country or target market. We help realize conditions on national sector & system level. We support business & organisation in their external and internal challenges and contribute to stakeholder’s goals on prevention, innovation and long-term community development.

We do this by delivering solutions in nine productcategories:

Sector & System

  1. Healthcare System Transformations
  2. System Policy, Structure & Incentive change
  3. Quality, Cost, Reimbursement & Procurement
  4. Public health & Disease Prevention
  5. National (R&D) Project Evaluation & Improvement

Business & Organisation

  1. Strategy, Business Development, Alliances & Market Access
  2. Health Clinics & Facilities Set up & running
  3. Organisational Excellence, Development & Transitions
  4. Leadership, Training, Capacity & Placement


  1. Public health & Disease Prevention
  2. Health Clinics & Facilities Set up & running
  3. Community building (coordination between health, education, infra, work)

In addition, accross those categories we ‘ve joint ventures in Big data Information as well as App Solutions & Products