The TRINCO principles

Whilst every project is different, our primary focus is to connect, create, bridge, build and train. Based on our business principles and our mission we tailor-make solutions that work for the unique requirements of each client. We facilitate people, organisations and alliances in realizing their ambitions. Our business principles are:
  1. Interaction. Seeking commonalities, taking advantage of differences and working in an agile way with clients at each stage of a project’s realisation.
  2. Inspiration. Linking daily challenges and organisational hurdles to the bigger picture of mission, vision and ambition.
  3. Integration. Combining sector, business and community focus and working across functional areas.
  4. Innovation. Solving bottlenecks and realising promising breakthrough solutions and concepts in healthcare and related areas.
  5. Impact. Applying implementation rigour with measurable positive results across people, organisations and sectors.

These principles are the leading elements in our daily work with our clients.