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Enhancing Conditions & Sector Functioning

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A large health insurance company asked us to lead the transition in finance structure for their suppliers. We helped implement a new financing system, as defined the Ministry of Health, for (mental) hospital care, comprising a procurement volume of euro 850 mio, 100 healthcare suppliers, and 3000 individual professionals. We connected stakeholders, aligned interests, and helped people and employees to take responsibility and act in the right way at the right time.
We were asked to help our client to overcome financial obstacles in realising care for strongly vulnarable & high-risk patients. We facilitated the cooperation and alignment of financial interests between five parties (two ministries, one large city counsel and two health insurance companies) over the boundaries of different healthcare domains in a regional multi-million project. Our goal was to create a sense of urgency and to provide a solution that would help overcome inter-dependencies and bottlenecks between the parties while bringing the project to success.
Our client, a healthcare insurance company, wanted to develop a procurement strategy that would align the business and behavioural interest of buyers, insurance companies, suppliers and employees with regard to higher quality and lower healthcare cost. We proposed that improvements be made to their incentive schemes, based on pay for performance that would ‘stimulate a culture of clear expectations, targets and continuous development within supplier companies’. With this strategy in place and agreed upon, the insurance company was able to realize strong improvement in the supplier market in terms of quality & efficacy. By consequence innovative suppliers had the opportunity to increase their marketshare.
A regional healthcare supplier with a regional system function heading towards bankruptcy due to lack of management skills required a restart. As a representant of a healthcare insurance company, we were asked to enable this restart by facilitating negotiations between the parties involved: The supplier was divided into three part to guarantee continued service and to maintain, where possible, multidisciplinary cooperation and the unique competencies of the human resources working within the company. One third was sold, leaving the other two parties arguing over sales contracts and resources based on their partial rights and previous investments. We were able to play a mediating role between these parties. The result was that the company got a succesful restart and the take-over was beneficial for patient, investors and employees.
Governmental organisations often need an third party to develop and lead implementation for a new health payment system throughout the supply chain, including policies and capacity building. This change can be combined with a shift from regional to local (or vice versa) execution offices. Given our expertise in health financing, policy, health & treatment and organisational change we lead such transitions from start until after implementation.


We work for central, regional and local governmental authorities and healthcare payment agencies, insurance companies and other organisations and businesses. With our clients we act on a sector level with professional, patient and consumer associations, as well as FDIs, NGOs and quality control, scientific and financing institutions.

Solutions – Intro

With TRINCO Sector & System Solutions we assist our clients by jointly developing concepts and implementing changes in healthcare systems that bring about efficient and simple sector conditions. We strive for effective regulations, structures and practical policies and game changing cooperation, reimbursement, procurement and supply chain solutions. Our solutions are designed to stimulate convenience, access and efficacy of treatment and care. We facilitate development of innovative health sector and system concepts and conditions and depending on a particular client’s requirements assist or lead the implementation into practice. Often working within complex economic, legal, political environments we build on the characteristics of the specific country, sub-sector or region at stake.

Solution Areas

Goals of health authorities, healthcare insurance funds & companies:

  • Realising smooth and effective healthcare system conditions
  • Optimising sector-budget spending, quality and access
  • Aligning vertical interests, incentive structures and policies
  • Realising sufficient capacity of healthcare professionals
  • Providing state-of-the-art healthcare supplier treatment and care
  • Creating solutions that result in a smooth patient experience of the system

I. Specific Health-driven App & ICT Proposition

  1. For Governmental bodies:
    • ‘Policy fit’ check-up: keeping your market up-to-date
  2. For Health insurance agents:
    • Professional-Quality-Outcome-Cost Finder & Benchmarker
    • Consumer-needs package choice optimisation
    • Actuarial Software solutions
    • Integrative Big data Analysis tooling

These tools are delivered on a tailor-made basis. They are designed to enhance communication based on relevant privacy and security levels.

II. Solutions for Health Authorities & Insurance Bodies

  1. Delivering robust health product/payment structures
  2. Developing a comprehensive set of healthcare policies
    • Reimbursement package policy (mandatory + optional)
    • Quality assurance regulations
    • Combining scientific and practical knowledge
    • Continuous professional learning conditions
  3. Creating/Improving health quality policies and institutions
    • Defining an optimal set of sustainable outcome measures
    • Developing minimal safety criteria
  4. Creating stakeholder task divisions and change impacts
  5. Leading transitions from one policy, structure or payment method to another
  6. Practical training of governmental bodies and stakeholders
  7. Optimising cooperation between stakeholders in the health chain
  8. Managing TPA, managed care and PPP-cooperation projects

III. Sectorwide resource & health innovation solutions

  1. Running of quality, safe and effective projects that are monitored, benchmarked and backed by Big Data
  2. Training existing and delivering additional health professionals through strong capacity building
  3. Cost saving health promotions and public disease prevention
  4. Proven and effective treatment projects based on health economics
IV. Insurance related solutions

  1. Effective and attractive reimbursement propositions
  2. Training and setup of actuarial activities and premium calculations
  3. Delivery of employee benefits schemes, including healthcare
  4. Developing/improving health supplier procurement:
    • Professional supplier management
    • Optimisation of sector-budget, quality and access
    • Quality, volume and outcome benchmarking
    • Big data analysis and quality/cost patterns
    • Market enhancing procurement policies
    • Coordinating smooth patient flows across sector/supplier/finance borders
  1. Insourcing and outsourcing claims handling processes
  2. Facilitating alliances, M&A building and PMI projects

Not only the relevant procedures but particularly the ability to apply them and to have impact in a complex marketplace is pivotal to success.

V. Corporate Development, Training & Placement

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