Services and Business lines

Our clients are serving the healthcare sector and related fields in various ways. TRINCO’s aim is to support them in their specific goals. We do so along three lines of business:

  1. Sector & System: We work to develop new healthcare system concepts and/or enable the implementation of major changes. We also provide solutions to enhance policy and incentive structures, marketing functions, as well as procurement strategies and capacity building. Click here for Solution areas.
  2. Business & Organisation: We work with businesses and organisations to enable strategic alliances and interest alignment and to realise innovative business concepts, breakthrough market access and supply chain solutions. Organisational change, training and motivation of teams and talent placement is also part of this domain. Click here for Solution areas.
  3. Communities: Our goal is to strengthen communities in terms of local health and related facilities, and to provide effective administration and economic opportunities through a business-wise approach. Click here for Solution areas.

Markets & Clients

The majority of our clients work within the healthcare sector and related areas. Each client and market player has its own sector specific goals and challenges to which we tailor our services and approach.

  • A central or local authority may aim to set appropriate conditions for market functioning, budget and quality of health and related areas. In this regard related institutions and organisations each have their specific task, just as health insurance companies have different roles to play in different countries.
  • Suppliers of pharmaceuticals, medical technology and devices, wholesalers as well as hospitals and managed care organisations and paramedics focus on delivering the best services, products and care according to existing standards, market opportunities and resources available.
  • Local caregivers, individuals, citizens and associations in addition face their own specific challenges when it comes to putting consumer specific needs on the agenda and driving other sector players to enhance their services and conditions.

For each client we combine our experience and knowledge to ensure that our solutions and services are tailor-made to deliver successful projects and assignments.


Different countries and regions have different levels and types of healthcare sector development. The needs and opportunities for authorities, businesses and communities vary accordingly, whether it be in Western or Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East or Asia, Africa or Latin America.

We work with each client to assist in their specific needs and goals. We believe that working with local stakeholders of a specific country is pivotal to success. In addition, TRINCO enriches its services and the assistance we are able to provide our clients through our unique experience of different healthcare systems in different economic and political environments.

Healthcare Trends

The healthcare field today is facing multiple challenges and opportunities which vary from country to country. Among the challenges and opportunies mentioned by our clients are:

  • managing the consequences and opportunities of demographic trends
  • innovation in technology and social concepts and increased income per capita
  • efficacy in quality/cost ratios and optimal budget deployment
  • creating sufficient capacity and quality of specific healthcare professionals
  • systems and regulations that support innovation and scalability
  • better functioning of markets and supply chains
  • alignment between governmental policies, suppliers and daily practice of professionals
  • overcoming bottlenecks in health related economic, infrastructural and social security areas

Governments and healthcare businesses and organisations are in a position to create effective conditions and to effectuate opportunities for growth and the enhancement of the quality of care in many countries. Given our extensive experience of such challenges and opportunities, TRINCO is able to add value to its clients by delivering development and combined implementation solutions.